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Ready-mixed concrete for Driveways

1stMix provides the best quality ready-mixed concrete solutions for your drive.  Using specialist mini mix vehicles, we will provide you with a highly cost effective means of placing small volumes of ready-mixed concrete.  Ideal for home building, extension and renovation work, or where site access is difficult.

This is a versatile, economical and durable ready-mixed concrete designed specifically for use in driveways. Containing specially formulated mixtures, it has been designed to withstand freeze-thaw damage in winter conditions.  A high quality concrete, it can be finished in a variety of ways to offer a textured or smooth surface. This ready-mixed concrete for driveways can also be laid to slopes and drainage falls.

Applications - 1stMix ready-mixed concrete for driveways

  • Driveways
  • Light industrial areas
  • Patios

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How much ready-mixed concrete do I need?
If you are unsure how much concrete you require for your project, use our ready-mixed concrete calculator on the right of this page. Simply enter the dimensions of the area(s) you need for your driveway. If you have a more complex shape divide it into rectangles and calculate the volume individually. Then send us your requirements using the Quick Quote Enquiry Form by following this link.

1st Mix FAQs - Ready-mixed concrete for Driveways

Q. Does 1stMix concrete for driveways weather well?
A. Yes, our ready-mixed concrete withstands all weathers and contains a special air-entraining admixture to provide protection against frost damage during winter.
Q. How long will it last?
A. This product has been designed to the latest British and NHBC standards. If placed and finished properly, it will provide many years of good service.
Q. Will it take the weight of a lorry?
A. Yes, it is particularly suitable for lorry traffic. However, for this application it is important that the concrete is laid to the correct depth on a suitable well-compacted sub-base.
Q. How deep should I lay 1stMix concrete for driveways?
A. As a guide, the typical slab thickness on well-compacted sub-base should be a minimum of:
  • House drives and paths 75mm – 100mm
  • Roadways and trafficked slabs 125mm – 150mm
How soon after placing can I traffic the concrete?
A. Early trafficking by heavy vehicles will damage the new surface and may also cause serious cracking. Ideally, the concrete should not be subjected to vehicular use for seven days without protecting the surface.
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