What to do with Concrete in hot weather


Now that the sun is out and the days are longer, it’s the perfect time to start that DIY project. The warmer weather might seem like ideal conditions for concrete, reducing the drying time and labour on site, but did you know there are some very important things you need to do to ensure your concrete achieves a perfect finish?


The sun beaming down on freshly laid concrete can remove the top layer of hydration and lead to small surface cracks, these not only look unsightly but also compromise the structure, so read below for top tips on how to avoid this.


Tip 1 – When finished and levelled, cover the concrete with a polythene sheet, this will stop the direct sunlight and also provide protection from high winds that can be just as damaging


Tip 2 - Use a concrete curing agent, available from all good DIY shops, a curing agent will stop any moisture from evaporating too quickly from the surface and reduce the chance of shrinkage cracking


Tip 3 – Use our handy How to Lay Concrete Guide, this will show you how to properly prepare the surface for your concrete and also talk about aftercare


So with all of that new knowledge, enjoy the weather and follow our top tips to ensure that your new concrete is just as it should be, if you have anymore questions then you can contact one of our sales team here.



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