How do I work safely with concrete?


Concrete is a hazardous product, although often used in DIY projects, making sure that you follow safety procedures is vital to ensuring your next project runs smoothly!


Here at 1st mix we have tried to answer the question “How do I work safely with concrete?” with our handy concrete guide, covering everything you will need from PPE to offloading the trucks.


  1. Wet concrete can cause burns to the skin, so make sure you’re wearing the right gear – waterproof gloves, long-sleeved clothes, safety boots and eye protection. See our concrete safety data sheet for details.


  1. Get the correct tools - Spade, shovel, tape measure, string line, wooden pegs, spirit level, finishing trowel / float, builder’s T-square, wheelbarrow, wooden tamping bar, lump hammer, levelling beam, wooden planks, polythene sheeting.


  1. Once the concrete is laid, cover it with polythene sheeting to stop it curing too quickly (which may cause cracking). A spray-on curing agent may be used to reduce curing time, increase durability and seal the surface. Allow at least a week for the concrete to cure, and more if the weather is cold and wet. Full strength is typically achieved after one month.


So, take a look at our guide and be confident that you’ve got all bases covered. If you have any particularly challenging aspects or just want further advice, then our expert sales team are on hand to assist you every step of the way.




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