1st Mix are able to offer a wide range of Fibres for use in Concrete, a standard fibre will provide additional surface strength to the mix, for additional information on Fibres contact your local sales representative



The majority of our mixes can be supplied as an ‘OPC’/‘CEM1’, this denotes the type of Cement used in the Concrete. An OPC/CEM1 mix has a faster drying time and is also more suited to use in cold weather conditions



As a standard, Concrete is supplied with a 20mm Aggregate, for some specific jobs this can create issues so we can also offer a 10mm aggregate


Sika Watertight

Sika Watertight is an additive that provides waterproofing, making it ideal to be used in basements, retaining walls and facades such as swimming pools where water may be present and is a cost-effective alternative to installing membranes.







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