BREEDONFLOW FORM is a Multi-Purpose concrete that is highly flowable, allowing for quick and easy coverage of congested areas.

Thanks to the self-compacting properties, vibrating and compacting isn’t required which makes the material simple and fast to deploy and ensures a quality finish is easy to achieve.

Common Uses:

  • Floor slabs
  • Congested areas
  • Structural toppings




BREEDONFLOW GYPSCREED is a self-compacting, free flowing floor screed for use in the majority of interior applications where a subsequent floor covering will be used.

Offering a smooth, flat and level surface alongside enhanced drying rates, low shrinkage and reduced thickness compared to traditional Screeds, larger areas can be completed in a fraction of the time.

Common Uses:

  • Replacement for traditional floor screed
  • Residential/commercial/retail floors
  • Electric/wet underfloor heating systems




SWIFTSCREED is a self-placing and self-compacting cementitious screed for use on interior flooring.

Requiring less labour than a traditional floor screed and designed to work with as little as 30mm coverage depth, SWIFTSCREED both fully encapsulates underfloor heating pipes and covers large areas with ease whilst reducing any possible shrinkage.

Common Uses:

  • Electric/Wet underfloor heating
  • Internal flooring




RAPIDCRETE is a quick drying concrete designed to achieve a higher early strength when compared to traditional concrete mixes.

Able to take light foot traffic after 24 hours, RAPIDCRETE allows for reduced construction time and improved efficiency on site.

Common Uses:

  • Road repairs
  • Internal & External Paving
  • Time critical structural repairs




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